New Members Process

If you’ve read all about Starlings and our vision appeals to you. Please read more to find out about the process of joining us.

Invitation only

Starlings is a community, and the path to being allocated a place is by invitation from your future neighbours made up of our current members. This is so that applicants and members can work and on occasion; socialise together to get to know each other. This process is about you deciding whether you want to collaborate with our group as we will all be neighbours. At the core of Starlings is the aim to create a productive, supportive and inclusive environment. With each member fully engaged in our underlying vision and values.

Time and commitment

On average the time commitment including meetings will be about 15 hours a month. We’re offering flexibility as to how this commitment works out for each member. It might be that you are part of a working group that does more work in one month and less the next. Or; you might need to attend a meeting by Skype. We are a productive group but also recognise that each person is an individual and can make allowances for this. What we do ask is for members to have Starlings be one of the priorities in their life. As only as a solid cohesive group can we bring value to each other.

Support and Training

The current members of Starlings can attest to how the development of the project has positively impacted their learning and development. Joining us will involve using skills that you already have but also sharing knowledge and gaining new skill sets.

Full support will be given by the existing members. Starlings has a database of knowledge and reference documents for work that we have already done on things such as funding and our business plan. These need to be modified in line with our current aims; funding streams and support the objectives of our key stakeholders.

There is a wider network of support available from CHIBHAH – Co-operative Housing in Brighton and Hove. BHCLT – Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust and other local housing co-ops (either established or in various stages of development). Funding is also available (by group consensus) for members to attend training days and undertake courses.

The process, step by step:

  1. Become a friend of Starlings. Anyone can become a friend (supporter), with no cost or obligation: but it’s the essential first step towards membership because it puts you on our mailing list which will invite you to socials.
  2. You decide you’re interested in joining. If you think you would like to apply to become a full member then you can apply to become a prospective member.
  3. Prospective membership. If the existing members accept you as a prospective member then over a period of three months with support, you will learn all about Starlings. Join working groups, attend meetings and work with the group in our current pre-development stage.
  4. Apply for full membership. If you have enjoyed the process of being a prospective member and would like to be part of Starlings, then you can apply to become a full member.
  5. Full membership. The existing members vote on your suitability to join the Starlings. This is will be based on level of participation, the type of skill set you offer, willingness to learn and demonstrating the ability to be part of a harmonious productive community. Once you’re given full membership a subscription fee of £3.00 per month will be required.

If you are interested in applying to become a prospective member please fill in the Starlings Membership Form and click Submit.